Route 215_Bar-Restaurant

Site location: Marousi, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 194,90 sqm

Design date: 10/2011-11/2011

Project status: Complete, 03/2012

Design: Maria Lantavos

Photography: Vice Versa, Sofia Stamati

This bar-restaurant is located in Kifissias Avenue, a

major artery that connect the central parts of Athens to the north suburbs, the area of Marousi. 

The aim of the design was to create a space with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that will operate all around the year. 

This led to a synthesis of a space consisting of the combination of ‘warm’ materials like wood and leather on furniture and ‘cooler’ elements like those found in Greek island architecture, as the traditional cement floor and the use of off-white colors on walls and ceilings as a background. The off-white color and the creation of a small artificial garden at the back of the space helped somewhat to reduce the unpleasant feeling caused by the low height ceiling and the additional visual burden, induced by the otherwise necessary air conditioning and ventilation network. 

The external space was designed as a continuation of the interior in order to operate during the summer, and covers part of the plaza of the shopping center where the bar is located. Despite the distance from the sea the design goal was to transfer the ambience evoking an island, through a setting that is composed by custom construction and highly decorative details and colors. txt/gr





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