Underground Fight Gym


Site location: Panorama Acharnon, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 447,20 sqm

Design date: 05/2013-06/2013

Project status: Complete, 09/2013

Photography: Nikos Girinis Photography


The open plan basement with an area of 450 sqm, out

of 540 sqm available, of a newly constructed building located in a suburb of Athens, it was favoured for its configuration as a school for Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Power Yoga and Crossfit.

The industrial feeling of the space, by default (exposed rough concrete finishes on walls and ceiling, industrial concrete flooring), the limited budget available for the construction, and the 'nature' of the sports that will be hosted, led the design to careful morphological approaches.

Particular attention was paid to the ergonomic design and functionality of the space in compliance, with building regulations and specifications, due to the simultaneous use by different groups of people and ages.

The reception, waiting and watching areas, for parents and visitors, were designed after the concept of a hotel lobby, while maintain a visual contact with the sporting areas.

The choice of materials, such as the use of OSB panels as cladding material of interior walls, and the use of Swedish timber along the corridor, in the form of vertical elements which act as a 'barrier' between the auxiliary spaces (changing rooms, toilets) with the training area, are both components that enhance the overall image of the space. txt/gr


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