3 Mountainous Houses


Site location: Ano Polidrosos, Parnassos, Greece

Gross floor area: 505,70 sqm

Design date: 2008, Revision 2012

Project status: On Hold

Design: Vangelis Lantavos


The proposed housing scheme for 3 independent vacation villas is located in Ano Polidrosos, a village surrounded by black pines and fir trees on mountain Parnassos in Central Greece. 

Because of the topography and the intense slope, the houses are accessed by an open air flights of stairs starting on the higher point where the plot adjoins to the local country road. This same road connects the village with the popular Ski center on the top of the mountain.

According to the building program that required a clear separation between the houses, and the small size of the plot, each one of them is attached to a different side of the plot creating an internal communal space.

Every house is seen as a unique entity with its own personality and not as clone of the other, although in all underlies the same architectural identity.

The use of materials like rough local stone, plaster, and timber reinforce the embodiment of the houses to the natural and built environment of the village, while the manipulation of natural light and views as well as practical issues to be solved such as the maximization of the used space were among the priorities of the study. txt/gr 









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