Goody's Burger House


Site location: Victoria Square, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 161,20 sqm

Design date: 02/2014-04/2015

Project status: Complete, 05/2015

Photography: Nikos Girinis Photography


The reason for redesigning the store, which is located in a central area of Athens, was the rebranding of this popular Greek fast food restaurant chain, along with the introduction of new products in the menu.

The guidelines given by the company assembled the initial design concept, in order to create an image for the store that would integrate architectural, decorative and visual elements with direct or indirect reference to the so-called international industrial style.   

The new proposal abolishes the use of the mezzanine, for various reasons. One of them is the maximization of the available space on the ground floor, combined with the removal of the large staircase, previously connecting the two levels. On the other hand, it was considered critical, that the kitchen area and the counter, would maintain their positions in order to keep costs as low as possible.  

In the dining space, the full height herringbone remains as a  wooden wall panel, designed in 2009 by the same architects. A red metal frame library is attached to this wall with references derived from the childish game of connecting dots by numbers, while, at the same time, attempting a constructivist aesthetics approach. Three wooden tables appear as an extension to the library. On the opposite wall, and in a direct ‘dialogue’ with the library a red ‘star’ is placed, a visual sign of the new branding, this time in a 3d version, that looks as if it's coming out of the wall.

The wooden surfaces in wall and ceiling sections as well as on table tops and benches are made of MDF with pressed ash tree veneer and a slight aging process. These elements add warmth in the atmosphere and create an interesting contrast to the forged cement surfaces and the metallic details.

The façade is dominated by the image of verticality that is ‘expressed’ through the black mullion windows. The connection of the inside with the outdoor area is reinforced by the use of a lifted rectangular window.


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