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Grand Masoutis supermarket


Site location: Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece

Gross floor area: n/a

Design date: 10/2014

Project status: Complete, 12/2014

Photography: Pavlos Makridis,


Masoutis S.A, is one of the country’s leading supermarket chains, with more than 250 stores in Northern and Central Greece.

Our office, designed a new façade concept for the revamp of Grand Masoutis supermarket, located in the suburban area of Thermi in Thessaloniki, along with a new logo. The new façade was constructed by Outside Techniki, who undertook the pretentious role of the contractor, due to limited time and technical difficulties.

The refurbished building opened its doors to the public in December of 2014. The modular façade could be applied identical or its alternatives, for future refurbishments in other buildings of the chain.

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