Kampos House


Site location: Kampos, Paros, Greece

Gross floor area: 141,60 sqm

Design date: 10/2011-03/2012

Project status: Complete, 09/2016

Photography: George Messaritakis


The house is located within the boundaries of the settlement of Kampos, at the Cycladic island of Paros.

Its natural presence is enhanced by the sublime rural landscape surrounds it, which consists of cereal fields, small vineyards and olive-trees.

It provides accommodation for a family of five all the year round, a situation entails a living organization, unlike the typical holiday house.

During the design stage, particular emphasis was given

to the analysis of local characteristics and conditions, such as the strong light of Cyclades and the wind, for everyday contact with nature and outdoor living. These greatly contributed to the design of the house, the aesthetic approach of which resulted through a modern prism, without the use of exceeding decorative features.

The building form derives from the deconstruction of a single rectangular prism, (an archetypal building form of the island), as a starting point for the formation of a void (veranda) protected from the strong northerly winds. The removed volume is placed above the ground floor as an independent space for relaxation or hospitality, where one can enjoy unobstructed views towards Pounta area and Antiparos island, making use of a 95 sqm roof terrace.

Of the two rectangular prisms on the ground floor, one recedes slightly in relation to the other, in order to reveal a part of the veranda and lead to the entrance. These two volumes form the backbone of the house. The first accommodates the day-to-day living areas, the second houses the private ones, family bedrooms and bathroom, with the auxiliary spaces linking the two. txt/gr


5th place in the category “Best Built Work of the Years 2013-2017” at “DOMES 2018” Awards


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