Natura Home Showroom


Site location: Neo Iraklio, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 270,00 sqm

Design date: 12/2009-02/2010

Project status: Complete, 08/2010

Design: Maria Lantavos

Photography: Vice Versa


Natura Home showroom created to accommodate textile samples for furniture and curtains, exhibition space for 5 orthopedic bed mattresses, meeting area, repairs workshop, reception desk, and hygiene area for staff and clients.

The general layout of the showroom was based on a sense of circular movement in order the staff and clients to have direct access  in each segment at any time. This reasoning led to the design of two arcades that are developed along two sides of the space, forming a right angle while operating in the same manner as the inner and outer side surface are used for the exhibition of fabric samples. 

The arcades are composed of vertical repeated panels that they do not touch on the floor giving a visual impression of floatation and that of a less enclosed space while function as separators of fabrics in categories. Each panel side has a different color that switches from magenta to black and the opposite, depending on the direction which someone is moving in the space, creating an illusion.

For the illumination of the space, local and diffuse, three different types of economy lamps have been used for energy savings and better performance of the fabric samples. In addition, a custom made large size ceiling lighting consisting of 400 rectangular pieces of white fabric has strategically placed above the meeting area in the center of the showroom and is semantically associated with the commodity fabrics.

The section of bed mattresses appears as a separate piece of the showroom and is defined by the Greek alphabet letter 'Π' shape-form, surrounding the beds. The Tones of green and brown in that section, used to emphasize a direct connection with nature, as all mattresses are made of natural materials.

The vivid colors, the magenta and white resin floor, the use of mottos and words on stickers to label different sections, and the manipulation of lighting created a brand image and entice customers to browse the space.


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