Small Office Building


Site location: Ag. Stefanos, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 58,44 sqm

Design date: 04/2003-06/2003

Project status: Complete, 03/2006

Design: Vangelis Lantavos

Photography: Antonis Karris


Located in a small town, in the north outskirts of Athens, the new building erected on a triangle plot with an existing house. Its main elevation faces a local avenue while the rear side, a very quiet road with minimum traffic.

The building is placed 2,50 m of the existing house, with no openings on its lengthy side. That requirement was made by the owner of both buildings as, the house is his permanent residence, while the new building will be rented to a third person. The trapezium plan resulted by the construction boundaries of the plot, as these are given by the Greek building legislation. The two-floor building without a basement, incorporates a triple role element, the balcony. This element, act as a brise-soleil, an outdoor circulation area, as well as a temporary storage space.

The resultant dwelling constructed from a rigorously limited palette of materials, like concrete and plaster, presents itself as a monolithic composition of material and form, internal and external space, to follow a specific program. txt/gr











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