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Lines of Light


Site location: Center, Athens, Greece

Gross floor area: 3300,50 sqm

Design date: 09/2013-10/2013

Project status: Design Proposal


In a building located in a very central part of Athens, constructed around the 60s, it was asked an overall upgrade. Due to the abandonment image of the building, it was decided by the owners, the complete reconstruction of the facades and the redefinition of all internal spaces in order to attract new tenants.

The main idea behind the design of the facades was the dynamic flow of the cars movement in front of the building. At night time this flow, convert to continuous light lines. Thus are formed, with the same dynamic, linearity and seemingly in 'random' positions, the openings on the facades.

Inside, the axis of the vertical movement is maintained while the communal auxiliary areas are re-defined for each floor and any kind of compartmentalization is repealed. txt/gr

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